New Beginnings 7.20.2010

While each day is an opportunity to create yourself anew, there seem to be other beginnings that are tailor-made for starting over. When you move from your old home, job, school or marriage to what is to become your new state of being, ou are freed up by the opportunity to do things differently. You can express yourself in a different way or  express a different part of yourself that you had held in check. You can begin again.

Going from high school to college  or college to the work world offers you the ability to recreate who you are or to express a different side of who you are.

I once read that the full complement of human expression is in each human being (nature) and what we choose to express is conditioned by our upbringing (nurture). While there may be  some things that we are inherently better at than others, these get expressed or repressed based on the environment in which we grow up.

So, when you are offered up an opportunity to start anew, this time, you get to pick the you that shows up. Going from singeldom to marriage, the you  expressed in  marriage is a compilation of all the images you’ve seen throughout your life of what it means to be married. Becoming a retiree may give you the opportunity to express latent parts of yourself that you’d reserved for the ‘twilight’ period of your life.

Encountering an unexpected lay off from a job also offers up the same opportunities, albeit, the opportunity may have been foisted on you at a time not of your choosing. But, I am a firm believer that you are always where you are supposed to be. So then you have the opportunity to reassess where you are in your life versus where you want to be. And you are given a blank slate on which to draw in the outlines of your new life. I have just been handed such an opportunity. While it wasn’t totally unexpected, nor  unwelcome,  it was abrupt as the timing wasn’t mine.

On July 14, 2010, I was laid off last due to restructuring which I find euphemistically kind and sometimes even accurate. I have been gifted with a pause in my inexorable march towards my inevitable mortal demise, to take stock of my life and to redirect its course. I have been gifted with a new beginning. Now, lets see if I can tease out some undiscovered landmarks of my self expression and make not only a new beginning, but a better life


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