Dogwalks and Catsits II

Everyone in my furry family  has been a rescuee. Shane, my first dog, had belonged to a neighbor that left him with us one Thanksgiving weekend to go out-of-town and never asked for him back. Toffee had been left tied to a carport and his owners had moved away. My then husband assured me that Toffee would be with us a couple of weeks only. Thirteen years later, I still have the dog but got a divorce over eight years ago. Toffee now sleeps beside me after I’ve given his arthritic old body help getting into bed, snoring more loudly than the husband ever did.

I am also the caretaker of two cats. The first, Mr. S. Tinker, Tinker for short, was the only cat we found after some boys were run off for shooting bb guns at some kittens in a field. He fit into the palm of my hand the first time we met. Twelve years later, he leaves a small bruise if he sits on you, he’s so heavy; fifteen pounds of  muscle, no fat.

Finally, a couple of years ago I started feeding a cat I thought my upstairs neighbors, who had just moved out, had lost. It looked just like the one they had sitting in their window for the past year. Cat lovers tend to notice the cats in the neighborhood. So, I fed it most of the summer. It was friendly and appeared to really look forward to my coming home.

Late one summer evening in mid-September, there was a fierce thunderstorm. I had fed the cat that day, but I could not settle down until I had gone outside to retrieve the cat from out of the storm. I put it in my second bedroom the first night. I introduced it to the rest of the furry family the next day.

I think I forgot to mention that while the cat was very skinny, its belly bulged troublingly. I resolved to take it to the vet as soon as I had settled from my upcoming move the following week.  The move was successful with the help of my wonderful group of friends.  The Thursday morning before I had planned to take the stray to the vet and still only  a few days after I had moved in, I was awakened by a small, sharp sound, several in fact, in my bedroom. I turned the light on, curious rather than frightened. I saw three kittens nestled up next to the skinny cat I had rescued. She never made a single sound herself, but the six kittens she gave birth to were quite vocal with their small mewling sounds.

I found homes for all the kittens and we’ve settled down to a domestic bliss that consists of Tinker and  the mother cat, now named Brin, providing humor with daily cat chases and Toffee dog snoring on my bed.

Today I await the arrival of Muggles, a former neighbor’s cat who will be visiting for a few weeks. I always seem to end up caring for a furry family. And, while I love them all, even those who are only visiting, I just hope I don’t get overtaken by the fur. But, without the unpredictability of life, they would have all the interest of stuffed animals to me, in other words, none whatsoever. So, I’ll take the dog walks and cat sits any day. They keep life unpredictable and that is fun.

2 Responses to “Dogwalks and Catsits II”
  1. Sylvia White says:

    I like it, I know you will always have some pets around Sylvia

  2. Michelle says:

    Ok, here it is a month later and I’m just reading your post. Sorry it took so long but for me I like quick and easy. Facebook and my email are on my phone so they’re easy. 🙂 We took in a stray kitten Marbles 2 years ago. There are now 3 kittens outside…looking for homes. It has not been easy finding them a home. 😦

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