Dogwalks and Catsits I

I sometimes think I was put on this earth to walk dogs and to cat sit. I enjoy my furry family and they are often cause for many reflections which I hope you will enjoy as much as I do.

Every day I walk my dog, Toffee, two to four times depending on the weather and my schedule for the day. Until late October of last year, these walks had included Shane, my dog of thirteen years. He passed away one Sunday evening while sleeping, a beautiful way for anyone to die, if die we must. Now, it is just Toffee and I who walk.

Dogs of thirteen are funny creatures. By the time they reach that age, they’ve been around the block a few timers, literally and figuratively. So,  after returning from our morning walk, I am told by Toffee in his doggie language that he needs to go on another walk, I immediately turn around and take him back outside.

He doesn’t use words, per se, but his vocalizations seemed to say, “I mean it. I really mean it. And, I really mean it now.” And, the paw on my knee, persistently on my knee, even after I’ve removed it three or four times, add weight and insistence to his vocalizations.

And, so, I end up walking him again.  Later within the same hour, yet again,  a dog walked. I’m not sure who was taking whom for a walk, though. Was I the walker or the walked?


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